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Steps to Install a Subwoofer in a Car

If you are stuck in the traffic madness you can do well with some music, whether doing some job with some background music or if you are relaxing on your sofa set music completes life. Since you have music in your car, it is not time to improve it with high tech subwoofers for the eventual experience. Look at these subwoofers, and choose what suits you according to your budget or needs it is time to have it installed. Of course you can hire someone to do the job for you or you can do it on your own following these six simple steps given here below.

You need some take, the amplifier, the amplifier kit, a subwoofer box, and these subwoofers. Ensure that the amp is compatible to the speakers and that these subwoofers box is specifically designed for the speakers. You should now have the power line ready, and this can be done by going beneath the dash and getting an opening through the firewall so that the power wire can pass. The thickness of the power wire should be between 8 to 0 in most of the kits. It is time to get a fuse near the connector that will go right in the battery and get one close the battery but do not connect it for now.

Remove the player head unit and pull out the dash and using the adhesive tape, tape the remote wire onto the RCA cable and attach it up underneath the dash on the passenger side right to the position of the player. Here you can decide if you want to connect either the remote or straight wire or the wiring harness that is correspondent to the player with the RCA cables. At this point the wires have to be run back to the point where the mounting of the amp was done. All you need is to run the wires right to where the amp will be placed or the trunk. As a safety measure, run the wire down on the passenger side.

The carpet on the amp should now be lifted and get a good place where the metal of your car body is exposed so that you can lay the wire. In case you don’t secure a good position you may have to add some paint to get a sturdy position. Lastly, these subwoofers can be placed in the car, connect the amp to the speaker wire. Where the battery cable is at, hold the fuse using either a hose in the engine compartment and attach the battery cable to the positive side of the battery. Start enjoying the fine tunes in your car after ensuring that these subwoofers are tested prior to assembling.

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